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Kim Atwell

Integrative Psychotherapy
& Counselling for Adults

If the demands of life are leaving you feeling overwhelmed and you don’t know where to begin, this might be a good place to untangle things with a free 30 minute session. My flexible, Integrative approach responds to you as an individual, to meet your specific needs, in a carefully tailored pathway.


Individual therapy is a process through which the client and I work on a one-to-one basis in a caring, and confidential environment.


If you have been affected by a single trauma or multiple and ongoing traumas, I have specific experience in this field to help you. Trauma can be complex and the nature of the work is tailored to meet this complexity and to you as an individual.  

Loss &

Grief is a unique process, so people have their own way of dealing with loss. I can support you in this difficult time and help you to make sense of your suffering.

Depression & Anxiety

When low mood states persist, your everyday functioning can be affected. We can explore what’s happening in your life and what might lie behind these feelings and emotions and look at healthier ways of coping.

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Building a strong therapeutic relationship is core to my work and provides the foundations for a carefully tailored therapeutic pathway to meet your specific needs. I work with an Integrative approach, having trained in a range of theories from which I select techniques and interventions to offer you an individualised therapeutic plan. I will always discuss the rationale for all intended work to ensure the pathway is co-created. 

About Me

My work and voluntary involvement over the years with charities and community projects brought a great deal of joy and purpose to my life and ultimately led to a greater commitment to being in service to others through talking therapy. 

Getting Help

I am mindful of how daunting it can feel to embark on a therapy journey and therefore take great care to help you feel comfortable and informed when exploring your circumstances. 


Getting the right fit is so important, which my free of charge 30-minute telephone or video consultation can help with.

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