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Loss & Bereavement

You might have lost a loved one and feel stuck in painful grief years later, or ​you might have lost a loved one in an unexpected or violent way and still struggle to find a way forward.

Loss or death might have occurred relatively recently or many decades ago, but you are still soldiered on with the pain.


​Moving forward in life after the loss of a loved one doesn’t have to mean leaving them behind, but it could mean that underlying causes are preventing you from achieving an acceptable level of contentment.

I have experience in this work and can accompany you in this dark place where you will be supported with respect and empathy.

There are many types of loss besides death which can cause painful grief. For example:


The dramatic change of character in someone with an illness such as Dementia resulting in the loss of the person you once knew;


The separation from someone you loved who has moved on, might leave you in grief which you might feel you need to hide;


Estrangement and the pain of broken family bonds.


Disability can mean you lose the person you once were and you struggle to find a new way to see yourself.

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