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If you have been affected by a single trauma or multiple and ongoing traumas, I have specific experience in this field to help you.


You may have suffered a traumatic incident, severe neglect or childhood sexual abuse over a period of time which can cause a broad spectrum of stressful mental and physical symptoms and affect you psychologically, biologically and socially.


Working with trauma requires longer term therapy and the development of a strong therapeutic relationship, built on trust and understanding. I place particular emphasis on your sense of safety and providing you with tools and techniques to bring you stability and greater emotional regulation.


Using an Integrative approach and drawing upon a combination of theories to help explain how the brain is affected by traumatic stress, which creates the physical responses of fight, flight, freeze, and continual hypervigilance among many other symptoms. Helping you to understand how your nervous system operates can help demystify your suffering and you will learn how to develop safety anchors to help you to restore your sense of safety.


Mindfulness practice in therapy can help bring you to the present moment and away from the distressing memories of the past. I also encourage empowerment which is a very important aspect of our work which includes collaborating on your therapeutic pathway in a way that you understand the rationale behind each intervention, and you have the power to choose and review at any point.

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