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My Approach

I am mindful of how daunting it can feel to embark on a therapy journey and therefore take great care to help you feel comfortable and informed when exploring your circumstances. My focus is on helping you to reach your desired goals for change and personal development.

"First, I believe that people have the innate potential to discover constructive and effective ways to meet life’s challenges, which is the basis of the Humanistic philosophy I align to."


Your therapy will be carefully tailored to meet your needs, for which I have trained in a range of theories and techniques to offer you an individualised therapeutic pathway. I will always discuss the rationale for all intended work to ensure the therapeutic pathway is co-created. 

What Can Therapy Do For You

If you have reached an impasse and wonder why you fall back into repeated habits that you wish you could change. Therapy can help you to gain a different perspective and encourage you to consider a wider frame of view which has the potential to generate previously unseen perspectives and provides healthier, more adaptive ways to move forward.

How Do You Choose The Right Therapist

Getting the right fit is so important, which my free of charge 30-minute telephone or video consultation can help with.


I offer short term or open-ended sessions to suit your needs and build in frequent reviews along the way to ensure that our work is meeting your needs and any ongoing therapy is with your full agreement.

What Can You Expect From Your First Appointment

We would start by exploring what has prompted you to seek support at this time, and what you hope to gain from it.  We would then decide together whether short or longer term work may be needed, however, we would regularly review our work together to ensure your needs were being met, and only commit to the time necessary for your needs.  You can be assured that whatever you talk about will be treated in absolute confidence and with respect. 

How I Will Work With You

By utilising the Integrative therapy approach I am trained in, I am able to curate a personalised therapeutic path for you as an individual, which means that I draw upon a wide range of therapeutic ideas and concepts that support your needs and ways of being.


I strive to develop strong and trusting therapeutic relationships which enables people to look at life differently and to discover new ways of looking at themselves, and at relationships in general. I commit to this process with whole-heartedness, maturity and patience and aim to be fully available to you in establishing a solid relationship built on trust and understanding.

I work in a very collaborative and enabling manner and will seek to explain the rationale behind particular ways I might work with you. The aim with this approach is to strengthen your inner resources and empower you, so that your recovery can take place from a basis of inner strength.

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